Tuesday, February 26, 2013

goodnight, puppies

It's an absolutely gorgeous night out.  If I weren't sure I'd get eaten by mosquitos, I'd go sit on the porch for the night.  Not that I'd stay awake for long.  But the sky is that midnight blue, the stars are out and I can see Orion right overhead, and the moon is clear and full. 

The puppies, however, don't seem to have much appreciation for the night sky.  They've found a spot by the back step under the porch light where they can curl up in a little pile.  When I came out the door with the trash tonight, five little heads popped up inquisitively.  "Adorable" doesn't begin to cover it.

Oh. Yes.  Sad to say, only five now.  We lost one this weekend, unfortunately. 

I sang them "Goodnight, puppies" on my way inside. 

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