Thursday, September 1, 2011

movin' right along

Today has been all about moving in one way or another. I returned from Michigan to Boston toting the large duffle bag I will use to move to Haiti; ticket stubs are still lying here, reminding me of that travel and travel yet to come.

I arrived home, sweet home. To my delight, one of my friends was here, one who is in transition and dealing with moving and storing just as we are. Two sisters went back to Haiti this morning.  I've been gone a few weeks, and so there has been plenty of time for the community moving process to move ahead: I can see furniture missing and other furniture moved around. Sold? Stored? Who knows. More changes.

But late afternoon was the pinnacle. Once home, I headed right back out to the Travel Clinic to get some of my vaccinations for the upcoming move. Of course, the vaccinations themselves remind me of changes ahead, but it turns out that it is also moving in day for thousands - hundreds of thousands - of college students. On the very short trip to and from the clinic, I counted forty-three U-Hauls or the equivalent and ten vehicles with mattresses strapped to them. Imagine if I had started counting SUVs full of stuff or piles of boxes and junk on the sidewalk! Forty-three. In that short space. And that's not even in Cambridge or next door to BU.

I found an article on the Boston area's annual rent-a-moving-truck madness. This year's twist demonstrates how swiftly plans and moves change shape:  Irene has been causing trouble not just for homeowners, but for students between homes. 

“They said all of the trucks were delayed 10 to 12 hours because of the hurricane,” he said.

“I’m sure we’ll try to scramble and get something, but I’m not sure what we’ll really be able to do,” he added by phone Wednesday afternoon, as roommates remained on hold with the rental company.

The delays added to the controlled chaos that is known as move-in day in Boston, when so many apartments change hands at the end of August."

Controlled chaos, indeed.

Not all moving are students, of course.  Several of my friends are beginning new jobs, some making cross-country journeys to do so.  Some are expecting a child.  Some are looking at upcoming retirement.  One of my nephews just began high school and started playing for the freshman football team, a time of transition for him and most likely for his family as well.

Change keeps the blood moving.  It keeps life fresh.  It keeps us from getting stuck in the mud.  And we all know that the Holy Spirit will blow where the Holy Spirit wills, and nothing will ever be the same. Sometimes it is chaotic, sometimes exciting; sometimes it can seem impossible or overwhelming. 

But you know what?  All these U-Hauls will eventually carry their loads forward, and the students will begin a new year.  It will all happen: their moves, my move, and your moves, too, be they the moving of homes or the moving of lives.   So let's keep moving, and soon we will find ourselves approaching the new adventure right around the corner - not the one we were planning on, perhaps, but one God has in store for us.

Moving right along. Yes, we are.

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