Saturday, May 21, 2011

still here waiting for rapture

 I've been Left Behind!  6PM has come and gone, and we didn't finish our Solemn Vespers with a light show after all.   How will I ever explain this to my spiritual director?

Then again, I read that there was a volcanic eruption in Iceland today, so perhaps the end of the world goes one country at a time.  Rather impressive, no?

Grimsvotn volcano, southern Iceland, erupting 5-21-11

I was invited to Post-Rapture Looting, among other things, but now I suppose the convent will have to do without a Hummer Limo in which to transport the entire order at once.  Maybe next time. 

Seriously, though, while I was amused by the Doonesbury series, several very creative prank suggestions (e.g. laying out a set of empty old clothes on the sidewalk in the shape of a person so it looks as though they had just disappeared) and the suggestion that we could skip doing supper dishes tonight, I am truly concerned for all those people who have been deeply invested in this concept.  I gather some of them spent their entire life savings on advertising campaigns in the hope of saving more people from the disasters to come and the end of the world (which is not until October, mind you).  What are these people going to do now?  And the psychological and spiritual crisis that must inevitably ensue for most of them isn't going to help them get their finances in order, either. 

We need to pray for them.  This is going to be difficult.  Probably already is, and though I haven't searched for any articles on this yet, I assume there will follow-up.  What will it be like?  It's easy to laugh (see indulgence above - should I even be posting this?); however, this has provoked anxiety in many people and must be truly traumatic to the core group.  I suggest we all have some compassion rather than indulging in schadenfreude.

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  1. Right on Sr Sarah. I can't imagine what some folks are going through right now. Or - for some of the some - what their kids are having to do right now to get things back on track. Ugh. In some ways it may be the end of their world.