Monday, April 25, 2011

watch it wiggle

Well, I am both intrigued and amused.  Apparently there is a British royal tradition of fancy jello.  Oh, sorry, make that jelly.   Fancy molds (Buckingham Palace in copper!), recipes with liquor, you  name it.  I just got distracted by the video below, part of the lead-up to the royal wedding later this week.  Who knew they had something in common with midwesterners?  (I'm originally from the midwest, so I can say this.  :-D  ) 

Now, never actually having made a truly midwestern jello salad, but having been an expert Knox Blox maker in high school (think finger jello stiff enough to cut in pieces and put in a baggie for school lunches - even unrefrigerated!), I have no such interesting recipes or jello molds. 

So here is my creative challenge for you today.  Wake up those brain cells still recovering from a dozen Holy Week and Easter services and tell me:

1.  If you could make any shape jello mold, what would it be?

A tree of life with lime jello and marachino cherries for fruit?
The University of Michigan UM with lemon and blueberry jello?
The Taj Mahal?
An aquarium with gummy fish?
An Easter egg?

Please give me your best creations. Better yet, send me a photo of yours for me to post.  You've heard of the site "cake wrecks" - well, here is our chance. (-:

2.  Who has a wildly creative jello recipe to share? 

I've heard the Sisters back in the day used to make jello with old coffee.  I am not suggesting we add this one... unless you just need ready-made iced coffee for the month of July, of course!

So here is the video which sparked my amusement.  Enjoy!


  1. Now that I think of it, I seem to recall my mother making Easter eggs with real eggshells, having blown eggs first. (We must have had floating island or some other such dessert, too, so there is another advantage to this!)

  2. Jello Easter eggs, I mean!

    Though of course we dyed them, too - both the hard-boiled and the blown kind.

    BTW, you can also filled blown eggs with layers of colored wax (old candles plus a bit of melted crayon) and even add wicking to make your own candles.