Sunday, July 4, 2010

born into devastation - newborns in post-earthquake Haiti

I just saw this video (below), an 11 minute spot from a French news channel that someone posted on YouTube. It just breaks my heart.  Everyone I know is still living in a tent.  The Sisters at least have a nice one in someone's side yard; others are not so lucky.  Actually, it's the lucky ones who have the real tents. 

Now imagine you are a mother who has just given birth.  Your husband died in the quake. You have no income to buy food.  And for some reason, you can't nurse. 

Or you are a mother with a baby in a shelter with no door.  Do you dare leave at night to find a place to go to the bathroom?  And what do you do with the baby if you are alone?  How do you carry water?

So much one could say...

Haiti: Le Cauchemar des Nouveaux-Nes (The Newborns' Nightmare)

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